You can now trace the Bazeley family tree back to the 1500s, thanks in part to a fellow named Ray Bazley, a distant relative who lives in Plymouth, England. Click here to see Ray's handiwork. To follow our family line, you'll want to enter "Bazeley" and "Walter" and click "go." Then click on the little family tree icon under Walter's name.

Or click here to get an easy-to-read look at six generations, from Walter on back to George Bazeley, born in 1730.

Then click here to see another six generations, going back to Thomas Basly, who was born before 1590.

Note how the spelling of Bazeley changes through the generations.

And finally, if you want to see the family tree from Walter Bazeley on down to our generation, click here. This is a pretty rickety file I put together. I apologize if it's hard to read.

- Michael

By the way, Ray says he is our ninth cousin, once removed.